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Mary-Louise Parker Doesn’t Like Someone

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mary-kate mary-louiseThere's a report on the internet about Mary-Louise Parker complaining about a 'Weeds' cast member, saying that they "were lacking talent, and had a sense of entitlement."
For some reason, other gossip sites have taken this to mean she was complaining about Mary-Kate Olsen but there's no proof of that anywhere!
The 'Weeds' cast is quite large, she could be talking about anyone.
Do you think she meant MK? Or someone else?

Takže jsem se dozvedela...

31. prosince 2007 v 23:09 | Niki=) |  Moje blbosti,keci a co jsem se dozvedela..:o)
No...takže jsem se dozvěděla od strýca, kterej byl v Americe že věci mary-kateandashley pomalu ale jistě stahujou ze všech obchodů protože se to prý moc neprodává... ve Wal-Martu to prý už taky není a v Clarie's už taky ne...tak by mě zajímalo kde máme možnost to teda koupit..:(

Walk of fame

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Walk of Fame

Hollywood Walk of FameMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have recently joined the ranks of Hollywood's elite with their names on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
On Thursday, April 29, 2004, before the opening of their first feature film New York Minute, the Olsen twins received the honor of their own Hollywood Star for their significant contribution to television. Their recognition was partly due to the fact that they were only nine months old when they started their careers on the set of the hit television series Full House.
Hollywood's Walk of Fame Class of 2004 also includes Anthony Hopkins, Halle Berry, Britney Spears, Kevin Costner, Glenn Close, Patty Duke, Brooke Shields, John Singleton and Hans Zimmer.
Before the unveiling of their star, there were rumors circulating that both girls "begged" the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce's Walk of Fame Committee to have two separate stars instead of just one star for the two of them. Whether or not this rumor is true, we may never know. But the Olsen twins now share one star which is situated in front of the Hollywood and Highland mall complex on Hollywood Boulevard.
Established in 1960, the Walk of Fame, located along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, is made up of more than 2200 stars (this number does not include the blank spaces for future stars).

29.12.07 Ashley v LA

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Wallpapery 4

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*TADY* najdete moooc hezkých wallpaperů..:)

Chanel Cruise Show

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[mary-kate+and+ashley+olsen+at+chanel+cruise+show+15.jpg]mary-kate and ashley olsen at chanel cruise show[mary-kate+and+ashley+olsen+at+chanel+cruise+show+1.jpg][mary-kate+and+ashley+olsen+at+chanel+cruise+show+2.jpg][mary-kate+and+ashley+olsen+at+chanel+cruise+show+4.jpg][mary-kate+and+ashley+olsen+at+chanel+cruise+show+3.jpg][mary-kate+and+ashley+olsen+at+chanel+cruise+show+5.jpg][mary-kate+and+ashley+olsen+at+chanel+cruise+show+6.jpg][mary-kate+and+ashley+olsen+at+chanel+cruise+show+7.jpg][mary-kate+and+ashley+olsen+at+chanel+cruise+show+8.jpg][mary-kate+and+ashley+olsen+at+chanel+cruise+show+9.jpg][mary-kate+and+ashley+olsen+at+chanel+cruise+show+14.jpg]

Is Mary-Kate Olsen pregnant???

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just saw these candid pictures of Mary-Kate Olsen as she was leaving the "Weeds" set on Friday, July 27, and I was shocked to see something that looks like a baby bump.
is mary-kate olsen pregnant

Animace 1

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Olsen Twin