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Christian Siriano Praises Mary-Kate Olsen

16. března 2009 v 14:43 | Niki-Tali |  Anglické články o MKAO
Christian Siriano, winner of Season 4 of Project Runway, talked celebrity style in OK Magazine's Red Carpet Confidential blog. He had some harsh words for Mariah Carey, but is loving the current look of Lady Gaga and Mary-Kate Olsen.
"I like it because it's really edgy, it's cool, it's downtown," he says about MK. "She doesn't care what she's wearing. It's what real people really throw on. Like those edgy, hip girls who are slumming around and going to clubs all night. I like it."
I think Christian hit Mary-Kate's fashion philosophy bang-on. I love it too.
I also loved what he had to say about Lady Gaga. The singer wears practically nothing and what she does wear is very out there. But it works for her and Christian agrees.
"I love it," he says. "Just panties and a blouse. That's all you need. I don't think a day-to-day woman could pull it off, but GaGa's fabulous."

Ashley out

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5.3.09 MK arriving at LAX

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Nate's art show

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Obrázek MK

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